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Understanding Self Defense

JT Collins - Tuesday, November 03, 2015



Understanding Self-Defense

Last Updated: November 1, 2015

What is Self Defense?

‘Self-Defense’ commonly refers to a physical response to a physical attack. But it is also defined as 'an act or instance of defending or protecting one's own interests, property, ideas, etc., as by argument or strategy.' So good self-defense training should also include verbal techniques, awareness and evaluation of possible dangers, good safety practices,  and ability to perform under pressure - just to name a few.

Self Defense vs Martial Arts Training


In general, Martial Arts training focuses on learning physical techniques, including traditional movements for the benefits of balance, coordination, posture, strength, and conditioning. The goal of most Martial Arts Training is the correct delivery of physical combat techniques according to the philosophy and content of the style. The non-physical aspects of Self Defense training are not usually emphasized in traditional Martial Arts programs.


Self Defense Training


Good Training should offer different classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students, as well as different age groups. Training will prepare the student based on their specific life scenarios, such as new college student, work or travel in unsafe areas, single person living alone, etc. The training will cover safety practices, practices to minimize vulnerability, how to identify and confirm potential threats, how to use verbal and physical cues to discourage attack, appropriate response, and how to defend against attacks and escape from harm. The best programs offer individual and group instruction.


Avoidable Situations


It is tragic to consider the pain and loss that could have been avoided by many victims of violent crime. Understanding self-defense as a whole and having strategies for common scenarios may save your life. If your entire personal self-defense strategy is a vague hope of somehow ‘getting away’, then you should strongly consider getting a professional self-defense instructor to help you be prepared.

Training at United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)


United Studios of Self Defense offers a full solution. USSD instructors are expertly trained in our proprietary system of self-defense based on the practices of Shaolin’s warrior monks. They are certified to teach you effective self-defense that fits your size, age, gender, and experience. Using well tested teaching methods ensures that you and your family will have a positive experience learning and practicing self-defense skills that will be effective if needed.


In addition to physical training against being hit, kicked, grabbed, pushed, choked, knocked down, or pinned, you will also understand core concepts such as:


•How to be aware of your surroundings

•How to trust your gut instincts

•How to be unattractive to assailants

•How to have a strong and confident attitude

•What is intimidation/bullying and how to face it

•Defense when attacker has a weapon

•How to perform under pressure

•Evaluation and confirmation of threats



Come and Join us!

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