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Kenpo Training Program (Children and Adults)

The Martial Art of Shaolin Kenpo is effective for self defense and will give the student the following benefits: increased fitness, self control, mental discipline, self defense, self esteem and confidence. Students receive both personal and group instruction on a weekly basis.

All students receive:

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Northern California Martial Arts Championship:

Students compete in the categories of: Forms, Kata's, Weapons, Sparring, and team events by age and rank. One day event in Spring and Winter. Other USSD Competitions may be found here

Security Training:

Specifically for those in the Guard and Protection Services, our class includes Posture, Positioning, Verbals, Restraint and Extraction. All to make you more proficient at removing those complicated problems! Protect the Property, the Clients and Yourself one step better with this hands-on practice...

Bully Defense:

One word- Confidence! Now more than ever, building confidence for people at school and the workplace, who are involved in physical abuse, and now mental and cyber abuse. Good for both sides of situation, confidence helps those attacked, and reduces the need to lash out at others. Bullying is growing at an alarming rate, Bully Defense is the most important thing for young and old alike for stress relief, focus and eliminating fear!

Corporate On-Site Training:

We come to you! Train your office and co-workers in awareness, threat assessment, posture, and basic survival against a variety of situations. Level 1 Adrenal Stress Conditioning included, it's a fun and energetic way to relieve stress, build teamwork, and problem solve!

Women's Self Defense:

Taught by women, for women, WSD is the real world basics of survival. Similar to our Corporate Program, WSD includes much more situational defense, as well as Level 1 Adrenal Stress Conditioning....

Birthday Party

We provide a two hour special event for up to thirty birthday guests! The party package includes ninety minutes of martial arts fun and games

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