Special Dates

  • 24-Jun-2018: USSD’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY : JAPAN – CHINA TRIP 2018
  • 24-Jun-2018: USSD’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY : JAPAN – CHINA TRIP 2018
  • 17-Mar-2018: Kempo Player Club in SF - Final Game of the Season
  • 17-Mar-2018: Kempo Player Club in SF - Final Game of the Season
  • 16-Mar-2018: Ninja Night!
  • 16-Mar-2018: Ninja Night!
  • March Announcements

    Please share KRON4's second story in a week on the ongoing car break-in issue in our neighborhood, with coverage of the last informative meeting at the Palace organized and hosted by Patricia Vaughey (email: patriciavaughey@att.net) Copying KRON4 reporter Ali Reid (email: reid@kron4.com) on this email.

    All Students required to Practice at Home! We cannot gain Confidence, without commitment to ourselves and our skills. Start with something simple, like one time thru your movement set, and then add reps as you gain strength and ability.

    Yoga Classes, Tues. Thurs. 8:30-9:30am, Free to try, Drop in $20

    Family Self Defense classes Available now, call or email to find out more.

    On a more somber note, the City of SF painted the front parking spaces white. Recently, they have been very predatory about not allowing cars to even stop in front, and several DPT officers said their supervisor is telling them to write more tickets. Please be very careful when picking up members in front, 4-8pm M-F.

    Regarding a multitude of car break-ins around the Palace of Fine Arts... Neighbors are now starting to write the captain after we got the ball rolling earlier today. Also, a video has been posted on that neighborhood social network and is getting more views.

    There's a video put it up on youtube here: (thank you Lawson!)
    Our police captain is Captain John Jaimerena: Email: John.Jaimerena@sfgov.org
    (One neighbor had the great suggestion that we get the local media over here)

    Check out our Red Belt, Lawson Rollins on Itunes. A world-renown virtuoso guitarist, he will be also featured on the soundtrack for Golden. Lawson's Newest Album is "Airwaves: The Greatest Hits"... Just Released (Golden is the Director Dean Yurke's movie that Sensei Collins Choreographed the Fight scenes in...)