Kids love our Martial Art Programs!

Parents love to be proud when kids succeed. Martial Arts training for kids helps them develop the physical and mental strengths that foster success.

Martial Arts for Preschool age kids

Pee Wees (3-5). Safe and Secure.

Preschool age kids need routines, approval, and lots of sensory input for strong development. Starting kids in Martial Arts early greatly increases their ability to learn and grow with confidence.

Martial Arts for 5-12 year olds

Kids Program (5-12). Body and Mind.

Kids learn how to move, with balance and coordination. They set and achieve goals, build their strength and endurance, and the result is healthy self-esteem and strong self-worth.

Martial Arts for Teens 12-17

Teens (13-17). Positive Performance.

Discipline and results in Martial Arts strengthen the will to succeed academically and socially. This age group needs strong character and deep self respect to insure good choices and to prevent intimidation. 

Come and see for yourself.

United Studios of Self Defense is 'America's Self Defense Leader'. Your free trial will include:

Personal Instruction

Weekly Thirty Minute Private Lesson - on your schedule.

Group Conditioning

Unlimited Group Class Participation - with students like you!

Video and Textbook

Practice is easy - Parents may easily participate in student's growth.

Enrollment Discount

Use your VIP Pass and receive special discounts when you sign up. 



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