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Sensei J.T. Collins

Chief Instructor

JT Collins has trained in Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai, Seidokai-kan and Shaolin Kenpo Karate. He develops his classes with the latest in martial arts curriculum by attending National Martial Arts seminars with top school owners, child psychologists, and industry leaders. Furthermore, he attends Instructors' Continuing Education workshops. Mr. Collins competes and has won in No Holds Barred, Full Contact and Kickboxing. His interests in rock climbing, scuba diving and snowboarding as well as studies of classical art brought him to seek out the intensity of the martial arts. At USSD, he's found the connection of mind, body and spirit he was looking for.

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Ms. Whitney Arnautou


Whitney Arnautou is a 1st Degree Black Belt.

She has studied the martial arts for six years. An avid fitness aficionado, she created Core-a-Te, a challenging one-hour workout that combines isometric cardio moves, balance drills, and basic self defense. Ms. Whitney continues to train and develop her martial arts to the utmost degree, with training and classes with Master Jack Turner.

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Mr. Zoran Dzambic


Mr. Dzambic trained in Kyokushinkai for more than a decade. Zoran now trains in USSD Shaolin Kenpo. Zoran developed strong beliefs in self-improvement, discipline, hard training and respect. He also attends USSD Instructors Continuing Education workshops to bolster his knowledge and love for teaching. It is his mission to present exemplary Martial Arts and Self Defense to children and adults.