Professional Black Belt Instructors

Earning a Black Belt is a rewarding accomplishment that takes effort and dedication. Every USSD Instructor was first an accomplished USSD student. Our Instructors are trained from white belt within the USSD self-defense system to ensure a broad understanding of our training principles and applications. All USSD Instructors participate in regular training sessions with a Master Instructor to ensure that they provide the highest level of teaching and martial arts application within their own school.

Sensei J.T. Collins

Sensei J.T. Collins

Chief Instructor

Sensei J.T. Collins has over twenty-three years of experience as the Chief Instructor of United Studios of Self Defense, San Francisco.

JT Collins has trained in Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai, Seidokai-kan and Shaolin Kenpo Karate. He develops his classes with the latest in martial arts curriculum by attending National Martial Arts seminars with top school owners, child psychologists, and industry leaders. Furthermore, he attends Instructors' Continuing Education workshops. Mr. Collins competes and has won in No Holds Barred, Full Contact and Kickboxing. His interests in rock climbing, scuba diving and snowboarding as well as studies of classical art brought him to seek out the intensity of the martial arts. At USSD, he's found the connection of mind, body and spirit he was looking for.

USSD Instructors with Professor Charles Mattera, Founder, Headmaster and Grandmaster of USSD
Sensei Collins is pictured middle, far left.

Mr. Zoran Dzambic

Mr. Zoran Dzambic

Black Belt Instructor

Mr. Zoran Dzambic is a certified United Studios of Self Defense Black Belt Instructor.

Mr. Dzambic trained in Kyokushinkai for more than a decade. Zoran now trains in USSD Shaolin Kenpo. Zoran developed strong beliefs in self-improvement, discipline, hard training and respect. He also attends USSD Instructors Continuing Education workshops to bolster his knowledge and love for teaching. It is his mission to present exemplary Martial Arts and Self Defense to children and adults.

Mr. Dzambic on a Belt Test at USSD Headquarters.