Advantages of United Studios of Self Defense

Proven and Effective System

United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) is the largest martial arts school Franchise in North America. Since 1968, our students have studied USSD’s unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States. Based on the combat system as practiced by the Shaolin Warrior Monks,  the United Studios of Self Defense Martial Arts System will give you the upper hand in situations that can happen anytime, anywhere.

Professional Black Belt Instructors

We continually upgrade the teaching skills of all United Studios of Self Defense Black Belt Instructors, by providing ongoing training and instruction for them on a weekly basis. Your Instructor is also a practicing student.

Personal Training

Students receive personal instruction and attention, to insure the program is meeting their specific goals and objectives.

Flexible Training Programs

Students may schedule their private lesson(s) to best fit their schedule. Also, a student may enroll for one month to as many as four years at a time, based on their personal needs and goals.

Nationwide Locations, Standarized Program

United Studios of Self Defense has over one-hundred locations. Each school teaches the same program as outlined in our Student Manual. Students that relocate may transfer and continue training at another USSD location.

Student Manual

Every student recieve a copy of our Student Training Manual, which details the entire program including rank levels, requiements, and move by move descriptions of each technique. No need to take notes, we've outlined everything for you.