About United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)

USSD is the largest martial arts school Franchise in North America. Since 1968, our students have studied USSD’s unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States.

About United Studios of Self Defense, San Francisco:

We have been the neighborhood Martial Arts school in San Francisco for twenty-three years. Locally owned and operated since 1995, we are the only self-defense studio of its kind in San Francisco.

Why United Studios of Self Defense?

Our mission is to improve the lives of our students, through the practice of the Martial Arts. New students can expect:

“The older children/higher belt ranks set excellent examples for the younger ones/lower belt ranks.” in 1 review

“I am less concerned with martial arts technique, but whenever I have observed the older kids practice their skills I have been very impressed.” in 1 reviews

“Sensei JT Collins is absolutely the best sensei I have ever had the honor of learning from.” in 1 review

"Great and safe place! Plenty of awesome and fun things for the younger children to be a part of." in 1 review

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A Proven System

United Studios of Self Defense celebrates its Fifty Year Anniversary.

United Studios Of Self Defense has been the pioneer in the teaching of martial arts, for self defense, on an instructor/student basis. The USSD Private Training program allows students to progress at their own pace and to focus on their needs and interests. USSD’s unique self-defense system allows the beginner and advanced student alike to adjust the techniques to fit their physical ability, strengths and limitations.

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United Studios Of Self Defense, San Francisco

Learn and Improve

Self Defense

Recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses. Seeing and using weaknesses of attackers to defeat them and avoid injury or death. Protecting others when necessary. Limiting damage of strikes, kicks or falls. Being prepared through regular practice and training.


The physical attribute will increase with the practice of the traditional forms, stances, and as the connection between mind and body increase. Mental balance comes from feeling strong, capable and confident.


Beginning a challenging task, despite fear, and seeing it through. Responding to challenges with ideas and action.


Regular exercise and movement positively influence physical and mental health.


Practicing Martial Arts skills with a partner or in a class requires mental focus.


Seeing others like you meet challenges you have faced. Using empathy and humility to understand them.

Self Esteem

Reflecting on positive experiences, and Identifying with inner strength instead of failure.


Control over one's weaknesses, impulses and emotions.


Reliance on your own judgement, resources, and capabilities, which are defined, excercised, and improved through Martial Arts Training.

Stress Relief

Release is achieved through physical exertion, and vocalization (yell). Controlled breathing and meditation reduce stress. Training can be a very fun experience and reminds us to enjoy life.